British Week in Saint Peter's School


Once more, as for the last 5 years, we celebrated our traditional British Week, an activity that gives the opportunity to learn, in a different way, about the countries that our school honours in the United Kingdom.

Throughout these five past years we have had different themes. The first year was about famous British landmarks, the traditional telephone booth and the double decker bus, among many other things made by our students. 

After the pandemic and regarding that we had been at home for so long, we devoted our British Week to games and physical activities. On that occasion, students from 2nd grade performed the Maypole Dance and we had the pancake race. There was a race with wheels and a couple of enormous tractor wheels for senior students to race.

Last year Queen Elizabeth’s II Jubilee was celebrated and we – in our own way –  got involved in all those celebrations. Students  made crowns,  beacons, a mailbox and letters to the Queen.

This year’s theme was Literature,  as it was very close to Book Day. Especially children’s stories, such as “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Hansel & Gretel”, “Three Little Pigs” among others.  We had an incredible brunch,  funny games like dodgeball,  pancake races and we listened to British songs and entertaining storytellings by teachers and 4th Year students.

We had  lots of fun!

On behalf of the English Department we would like to thank all of our teachers, students and their families for such a wonderful celebration spirit.

Happy British Week to everyone!

Enjoy our gallery.

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