ESU Writing Competition


El día sábado 10 de junio tuvo lugar la etapa final de la ESU Writing Competition en Santiago College. Esta competencia tuvo dos etapas.

Durante la primera, en el mes de mayo, los alumnos tuvieron que escribir una breve historia basada en la temática “Familia” y presentársela a sus profesoras de Inglés. Las mejores historias fueron enviadas vía correo electrónico a la ESU. 

Nuestro colegio fue representado por dos alumnas:

Emilia Arias de 3rd Year con su historia “A Mother” (categoría Senior)

Sofía Ravest de 1st Year con su historia “Be a Superhero” (categoría Junior)

La alumna Sofía Ravest clasificó para representar al colegio en la etapa final, en donde tuvo que escribir una nueva historia sobre “Amistad”, y además pudo disfrutar de todas las actividades preparadas junto a los otros alumnos finalistas. 

Estos son los textos presentados por los alumnos:

Sofía Ravest: Be a superhero

Mother always said, “Be good and nice things will happen”. I had always believed her, or so I thought. Every time something good happened, it was the consequence of a nice action, right? I was reflecting on that as I looked through the window that morning. The sun was shining up in the sky, its glow taking place on the wood the boats were made of, as they floated peacefully in the shimmering sea. I didn’t know what time it was at the moment, but I thought it must’ve been around eight o’clock in the morning. I was alone at home, boredom growing every second as I waited for my parents to get back from their weekly grocery
shopping trip.

Minutes went by and I had been waiting for a long time, still looking through the window. At this point I wasn’t seeing the ocean or the boats, not even the clouds that were slowly fading, but my own image in the window’s glass. I spotted myself with the exact same expression mom had in her face when she was bored. I really looked alike to her. As I realized this my dog started barking and the familiar sound of clinking keys made him wiggle his tail frenetically. I couldn’t help but smile as I saw my parents waddling in because of the heavy bags packed with groceries they were carrying. After helping them with the bags and organizing everything in the kitchen, my mom gave me a candy from the ones she had just
bought, saying it was my reward for helping with the groceries. “Be good and nice things will happen”, I thought.

A few hours passed, and after lunch we decided to go for a walk. We went down to the beach, and just as we reached the sand a group of seagulls was flying perfectly aligned right above us. My parents kept walking, trying to look for somewhere to leave our stuff, but I stayed behind looking at the sky. I noticed there was an empty spot in the seagulls’ alignment. It was strange, like a very large space between two of them. Not long after that I heard something between some bushes, like plastic being scrunched. After I made sure I could still see my parents so as not to get lost, I started looking in between the branches of the bush, trying to discover what the sound was. I was certainly surprised when I encountered a seagull trapped in a plastic net. It probably was the reason there was this large, empty spot in between the
other seagulls. I was a bit afraid, but I managed to free the seagull and return with my parents before they noticed my absence. This time, I had done something good, but nothing nice happened. I tried to remind myself to think about it later, but swimming in the sea was so fun I just forgot. The rest of the afternoon went by smoothly, and so I found myself once again in my house, the evening softly laying in the ocean outside.

I went to bed around ten o’clock, but woke up quite early, with my dad holding a newspaper
in front of me and a beaming smile on his face.
“You are on the newspaper!” – He said.
It was impossible for me to brush off the surprised expression I had. My dad had now burst into some sort of laughter, tears of joy almost pouring down his cheeks. My mom was also in my bedroom now, with the same radiant face.
“What’s happening?” – I mumbled, sitting on my bed. I was still way too asleep to understand
what was going on.
Turns out the beach I had rescued the seagull from had cameras, which recorded me looking through the bush and the seagull flying, free from the plastic net. The story was now on the newspaper and my parents had seen it. I said nothing and walked to the bathroom to wash
my face, in an attempt to wake up, my parents following me. I looked at myself in the mirror,
the reflection of my parents behind me, and I thought: “Be good and nice things will happen.
Even if it takes time for them to come.”

I got out of the bathroom and looked through the same window as the day before. Mom said I was a superhero. And she was right. Maybe I didn’t have a cape, or a secret name, or superpowers, but I had done the right thing to do, and that was the nicest thing it could ever happen to someone.

Emilia Arias: A mother

Mother always said, “Be good and nice things will happen”

That’s what I keep repeating to myself as I walk through the sand of the beach. I have been good my whole life, but here I am, completely on my own and I can assure that nice things haven’t happened to me.

My mother has always been my support, since I was born it’s just the two of us, until five
months ago. A heart attack, that’s what killed her. Just before I found out that I’m pregnant. I keep asking myself if there is something I could have done to prevent all this situation from happening. Now I don’t have a mother and I’m going to become one.

I live in a little homestead in the south of England, the house is comfortable and it has
everything I need and I will need. Next to the house there is a tiny lake I used to go to with
my mother in the summer. We really enjoyed swimming in the lake and creating these
beautiful moments that will live forever in my mind. Sometimes I wonder if I can be half of a good mother as mine was.

Yes, I’m terrified of becoming a mother, this is definitely not how I planned. I’m not married and I don’t have anyone rather than myself and this baby who is growing inside of me. The only thing that makes me wake up every morning is to make my mother proud, wherever she is.

I continued walking to my house, while my mind didn’t stop overthinking. I had to take a
minute to myself and appreciate the beauty of nature, and breathing the clean air. I really
needed that, since my mom passed away I started to go out more, just to sit in the grass and look at the beautiful sky.

When I arrived at my house, I started to cook something to eat. I’m starving, I don’t know if I have pregnant cravings or what, but I just want to eat. I made scrambled eggs with some bacon and it was delicious. I was so tired so I brushed my teeth and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and I started to clean the basement. It’s so dirty and disgusting. I took a shovel, a broom and began to clean the dust.
As I continued cleaning, I started to think how much I hope in the future this could be a little nursery to my kid.

I ended up losing my train of thought. Imagining the room full of joy and peace, just made of life. Suddenly, reality came back. I found a mysterious black box among all the dust and garbage. Inside there is a little blanket and a letter. In the envelope it says “for you, my little girl” I immediately recognized my mother’s handwriting, so I took a deep breath and started reading.

“My little girl, if you found this letter it is because I’m no longer in this world, but don’t be sad, you know I will always love you wherever I am. You must be wondering why there is a blanket in this box, this is the blanket I used with you all the time when you were a baby. You can use it now with yours. Honey I know you are pregnant, I know you. So I know that you will be an incredible mother, and I’m sorry I will miss it. I’m really sick my dear, and I don’t know how much more my heart will endure. I know that just one letter it’s not going to fix everything, but I truly hope it will give you a little peace in your heart.

I love you so much, never forget how proud I am of you, and remember, be good and nice thing will happen

Love, your mother”

Now I just whipped my tears and smiled, saying to myself that I am ready for this new chapter in my life.

Trinidad Oyarzún: Life's Teachings

Mother always said, “Be good and nice things will happen”, nobody knew where she had learned that, but whenever anybody would think about her, they would describe her with that phrase. 

Mother never had it easy. She was one of three kids in a particularly poor family. When she was nine, she already knew how to cook for her youngest siblings, clean the house, take the public bus to school, and she also decided to work cleaning mirrors and windows. 

In 1998, she married a man. His name was Andrew, and he came from a totally different family context, they were from the upper class, his mother was the head of public relations in a really important industry (which was a difficult position to acquire as a woman) and his father was an atheist businessman. That meant that money was never short within his family of five. 

But when Andrew told his father that he would marry Simone, a girl that he met at bible study, Father’s reaction was a nightmare, “Are you crazy??” he exclaimed “She will take all your money and then desert you!”. Months later, Andrew finally married her, but this brought a big division between father and son. 

Seven years later, they had a daughter. Her name was Grace, when she was born she was a really small baby, she only weighed 2.3 kg, she also was really difficult to feed, and suffered from severe asthma. Simone used to wake up with the choking sounds of a crying baby, and poor Grace spent most of her childhood in the ICU, taking her there meant saving her life but it was a painful sight to see. The two-year-old baby was strapped to a hospital bed with a tube connected to the oxygen mask, and the other to a bag of serum. 

Just like any other mother, Simone suffered so much because of her child. She couldn’t bear any longer seeing her baby in the intensive care unit. One day Grace was in the middle of an asthma attack, but instead of taking her to the ICU, Simone jumped in the car with Banjo (her dog) and drove to the beach (they were in the middle of winter). She felt like she was losing her mind as she followed this piece of advice that a woman at church had told her. Banjo stood next to Simone who had her arms wrapped around Grace. Mother cried as she watched her baby girl choke, but before she knew it, a miracle happened, Grace started to breathe. Simone saw her and, wiping her tears from her face, she smiled at her living child. 

As I said in the beginning, Simone never had it easy but she still did good. Not always expecting it back, but she did, eventually. I’m not talking about heaven or hell, I’m talking about what our experiences in life teach us. Nice things aren’t always material, they can also be “soul level”.

So, as my sweet mum used to say: “Be good, and nice things will happen” because you never know what you’ll learn next…

Estella Oyarzún: Family looks different for everyone

Mother always said “be good and good things will happen” I can say that I believe that. You can do good things and get amazing things in return, you can practice a sport and every time you’ll get better, you can study for a subject and understand that class even more, you can be kinder and more patient with others and that will allow the relationship to grow and flourish. But it’s not only being good, it’s also doing good. I know it sounds obvious but we can forget that sometimes, we can just ignore others, other people’s needs and justify that we are good enough because we’re being nice to the people that are really close to us. 

My mother is a sweet charming woman with a beautiful soul that makes me forget how old she’s getting. Ever since I can’t remember, she has worked as hard as possible to take care of my family, making sure everyone has everything they need even before she even starts to think about herself. 

I come from a fisherman’s home, something that may seem odd to say in such a modern world. We have always lived in little towns by the sea and my father has worked all his life on those sailboats fishing at early hours of the morning and then selling the fishes in the market where my mom also works. They have always wanted to be better than the day before, they work hard to make sure of that. 

Seeing my parents work so hard, really motivates me to work as hard as them for when I will have my children and a home of my own. 

With all the hard work that my parents have done, I will be the first one and my family history to go to college. Can you believe that? I know, it’s 2023, most people decide to go to college, others don’t and people like me can only dream about this opportunity but thanks to all these years that my parents have worked extra hard I am fortunate enough to have this amazing opportunity that I won’t be wasting. Since I finished school I’ve been working in all the little shops in my town and even switching old clothes to help to maintain the house and pay for our expenses as a family of 3. It does sometimes feel like a burden, I feel like i have been working for every little second of my life for the past 4 years now, I’m 22 and I feel like, even though helping at home is good, I don’t want to do that for the rest of my life, I don’t want that to be my only future, I want to have a good profession and a great job so I can take care of my parents that had given me everything I need, even if the price to pay was high. 

Parents that do everything possible to help you grow into a better person, even if they’re not sure how, they try and try are exactly the perfect figure I feel that portrays family for me. But family can look totally different for you. Maybe you don’t have both parents or figures or even that or even one, but as long as you have a group of people that are willing to help you grow, not only watch you grow, you have found yourself a great family that will help you in your ups and downs in life. 

Of course everything won’t always be perfect, most of the time everything can feel and look very imperfect and it’s sad but our world wants to teach us that everything is temporary and then we can just change and do whatever we want, even if we hurt others. I don’t think like that, whatever type of family you might have in your life you should appreciate it and take care of it, because at the end of the day they will be the ones that will be with you even during the toughest times. 

Trinidad González: Father, where are you?

Mother always said, “be good and nice things will happen” and I have been good, I help mom all the time! And my friends! And strangers! I’m a kind voy! so there’s no way right? Father isn’t dead! He’s just taking a bit longer on his fishing trip! Right? He isn’t dead! He can’t be! God wouldn’t do this to our family! He only punishes those who are bad, and my family isn’t bad. We always help around. Father is a kind and honest fisherman, Mother stays at home with me and Elise, taking care of us, so I know he is still out there.

It has been a week since my Father’s disappearance, Mother says he’s dead but i don’t believe that’s true, if her words are true then Father shouldn’t be dead, and i’m choosing to believe that, I just have to keep on praying that he returns safely home, I’ve been waiting for him ever since i always have a seat in the table for him, i have his favourite pastries as well, I just hope he returns soon i miss him a lot. 

Why! Why!? Why hasn’t he returned, it’s already been a month and he’s still not here, why God? Why have you done this to my family, if god is so good, why did this happen? I don’t believe he’s fair, Eric, the meanest kid in town has it all, nice mom, cool dad, he’s wealthy, people do everything for him! He has never had to move a finger, and he’s always rubbing that in my face, if there truly is a god, and he’s fair, he wouldn’t do this to us, or him, his family should be in ruin, while our family, including Father, should be swimming and indulging in our wealth! Yet we are the ones that suffer, while they have it all! It’s not fair, it’s not fair…

It’s been three months, he still hasn’t returned, maybe I haven’t been good enough, If I sacrifice myself for others he may return, I know it! I will give him time if he hasn’t returned it’s to teach me a lesson, to be good and kind, more than I was before, only then he may return, my friends don’t think that’s true but I know it is, they say he’s dead but I know he’s not, he just needs some mothe time I know it, I believe that it’s true, he would never leave Mom and me alone.

Five months.

He isn’t coming back, he left us, he abandoned us, he will never return. 

He is dead.

Mother has a new boyfriend. I think she likes him more than she likes me, she got rid of all of Father’s things, it’s almost as if she doesn’t care he’s gone, is that it? She didn’t love Dad, that’s why she moved on to another guy, I hate her, maybe that’s why father died, he didn’t have anyone to come back to, maybe I’m not even his son, who knows, all I know is that things will never be the same, I just wish it was, why can’t we go back in time? Back then we were happy, I want to have that again. 

It’s been a year since Father died.

I’m not angry, or sad, or whatever I was feeling before, now I know that life comes to an end, maybe he’s watching over our growing family from the heavens above, maybe he’s proud of the man I have become or maybe he’s not but that doesn’t matter, with or without him we will always be a family. 

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